Wonder Woman character’s death spoiled in new DC Comics preview


WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Nubia and the Amazons #6. This week marks the start of Trial of the Amazons, the first Wonder Woman crossover event in years. Diana of Themiscyra, Wonder Girl/Yara Flor, Nubia, Queen Hippolyta, Artemis, and more will be wrapped up in the crossover, which promises to redefine the Wonder Woman mythos when complete. Chapters 1 and 2 of Trial of the Amazons kicking off this week, and a preview of part 2 in Nubia and the Amazons #6 reveals one of his first victims.

The first preview page shows Amazons assembled for a memorial at the Temple of Persephone. The character they mourn is Hippolyta, the mother of Wonder Woman, former queen of the Amazons and member of the Justice League. Various characters come to pay their last respects, notably the tribes of Esquecidas, Themiscyrans and Bana-Mighdall. All three tribes are interested in bringing Doom’s Doorway to Man’s World. Of course, conflicts will arise as the tribes argue over how best to handle the new development.

Wonder Woman Family characters have been all over the DC Universe for the past year, but Trial of the Amazons will bring them together. Nubia and the Amazons Writer Stephanie Williams spoke to ComicBook.com that’s part of the fun of writing these characters.

“As you just mentioned, everyone’s everywhere, scattered, and there’s a lot going on. So Trial of the Amazons is that homecoming…Think of it like Thanksgiving, and maybe that sometimes it goes well. sometimes it doesn’t.” ‘t, it depends on who is still having trouble with whom and what happens. But sometimes things get messy and there’s a bit of a show,” Williams said. “So Nubia’s role in all of this is just for one, understanding who she is and who she needs to be for everyone who goes ahead, and also for itself. Because again, she’s a champion, she could get away with a lot of queen she could, but she probably wouldn’t be for very long and she has to be a little more diplomatic about it , a little more balanced.

The solicitation for Nubia and the Amazons #6 reads: “Trial of the Amazons, Part Two! There’s been a murder on Themyscira, and the killer is still at large! Now it’s up to Nubia to play diplomat and detective while the others Amazon tribes are called in for questioning. Can she keep the peace long enough for the contest to take place? She must, for Doom’s Doorway remains unguarded until a new champion is found!”

You can find the preview below. Nubia and the Amazons #6 goes on sale Tuesday, March 8.

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