Wookie Black creator Krrsantan reveals how to pronounce his name



The most recent episode of Boba Fett’s book on Disney + was important for a number of reasons, but for Star Wars fans who have been reading Marvel Star Wars comics since 2015, they were very surprised. In the episode, fierce bounty hunter Wookie Black Krrsantan, who first appeared in Darth Vader # 1 seven years ago and was part of the Doctor Aphra comic book series, made his live debut. -action. Frankly, this was a big surprise for Star Wars fans, but it also led to a pretty big problem, how do you even pronounce that name?

Enter Eisner Award-nominated comic book author Kieron Gillen who was one half of the duo that created Black Krrsantan with artist Salvador Larroca, however, has some thoughts on the pronunciation of the name, and he should, since the created. The good news is that he shared these thoughts with all of us, the bad news is that he says he has no idea. “People ask me how you pronounce ‘Black Krrsantan’,” Gillen tweeted. “I have no idea and would like to know. In a follow-up tweet, he added: “(I’m doing ‘K-rur! San-tan’)”

However, two things now seem certain, Black Krrsantan will appear clearly in another episode of this show, and the Star Wars names will always be difficult to pronounce when introduced in prose rather than orally.

For those who do not know, the story of Black Krrsantan is tragic. The disgraced Wookiee left his home planet to become a fighter in a gladiatorial pit on a planet. After escaping, he would become a bounty hunter, sometimes working under the employment of Jabba the Hutt and even Darth Vader. Most important, however, is the detail that Boba Fett and Black Krrsantan know each other, having worked together on some work. This story may not be fully explored in the new Disney + series, but the gaze shared between Boba Fett and Black Krrsantan carries a lot of weight for comic book readers.

New episodes of Boba Fett’s book premieres Wednesdays on Disney + with five episodes remaining in the first season.

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