X-Men Designer Tom Muller Launches Online Comic Design Course


While Jonathan Hickman’s addition to the X-Men franchise got a lot of attention in 2019, one overlooked upgrade to the X-Men lineup came in his visual aesthetic. Each X-Men title has received new logos beautifully crafted by award-winning designer Tom Muller. His visual flair is found in every X-Men comic, whether fans recognize him or not, making him one of the most in-demand comic book designers today. Muller wants to help teach fans the ins and outs of graphic design with a new online course offered by Domestika.

Muller’s course title is “Graphic Design for Fiction: Visual Identities with Stories,” which promises to help students “learn how to translate powerful stories into memorable brand identities with a unique narrative twist using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. “. Muller will teach students about graphic design for fiction, the creative process behind branding the X-Men, and creating a unique brand identity from start to finish, including logos, typography, and colors. .

“In this course, you will learn the art of graphic design for fiction,” Muller explains on the website. “For your final project, you will have the opportunity to translate your favorite story into a brand identity for a set of books”

(Photo: Tom Muller)

X-Men and VS are two of Muller’s projects that fans will be able to interact with. Course materials will also be offered, which will then be used to help design a mood board and reference collection, before students are tasked with creating individual sketches on paper and then scanning them into Illustrator. Muller also has tips on sharing your work online, collaborating with other designers, memoirs, and more.

If you feel intimidated trying to learn all there is to know about comic book design, “Graphic Design for Fiction: Visual Identities with Stories” has a Beginner level, so everyone should feel right at home. confidence if he decides to register. However, it helps if you know Adobe Illustrator and InDesign and have experience with Photoshop. Plus, you’ll have unlimited access to the course forever.

For those interested in signing up, Tom Muller is offering a special promo code for ComicBook.com readers. HELLOMULLER-COMICBK offers a 15% discount on the normal price, and the promo code runs until July 22. You can sign up for “Graphic Design for Fiction: Visual Identities with Stories” here.

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