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It’s almost another new comic book day, which means new releases are hitting stores and digital platforms. Every week in The Weekly Pull, the Comic.com The team highlights the new releases that have us most excited about another week of comics. Whether these releases are from the major publisher or a small press, brand new issues of ongoing series, original graphic novels, or collected editions of older material, whether it’s capes and hoodies or any other genre, if that got us excited about the comics this week, then we’re going to tell you about it in The Weekly Pull.

This week, the new era of X-Men books continues, and DC dives into The CW’s Arrowverse with the first issue of its Earth Prime miniseries. Moreover, the return of History of Wonder Woman: The Amazonscollections for Suicide Squad and Ka-Zar fans, and more.

Which comics are you most excited about this week? Let us know what new releases you’re looking forward to reading in the comments, and feel free to leave some of your suggestions as well. Check back tomorrow for our weekly reviews and again next week for a new episode of The Weekly Pull.

Aggretsuko: Out of Office #4

(Photo: Oni Press)
  • Written, illustrated and colored by Brenda Hickey
  • Letters from Crank!
  • Published by Oni Press

If I tried to explain to you what Aggretsuko out of office was on point I would be doing a huge disservice but trust me when I tell you this book is an absolute delight and if you don’t pick up issue 4 (and honestly don’t go back and read the previous issues), what do you even do for joy? Instead of taking time to relax during the working holiday, Aggretsuko ends up going to work at a friend’s family resort and it goes pretty badly pretty quickly because now there’s an oni spirit haunting things. and it is madness. You have an overworked and overworked Aggretsuko, curious friends, superstitious people, and a real haunting oni. That’s crazy. It’s delicious and you need it. Let it be a balm for your own overworked soul. This is easily one of my favorite books right now and it will be yours too. –Nicole Drum

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Earth Prime: Batwoman #1

(Picture: DC Entertainment)
  • Written by Natalie Abrams, Kelly Larson and Camrus Johnson
  • Art by Clayton Henry and Michael Calero
  • Colors by Marcelo Maiolo and Matt Herms
  • Letters from Tom Napolitano
  • Published by DC Comics

The CW’s Arrowverse shows have had a unique track record in the comic books, with spin-off stories largely consisting of storytelling surrounding the first seasons of Arrow and the flashand a brief link to the network Crisis on Infinite Earths crossing. This week begins the franchise’s most distinct foray into comic book storytelling yet, with a series of Earth Prime one-shots that cover the different shows, before culminating in a crossover. The first to come out is batman, which tells two stories in the middle of Season 3 – one about Ryan Wilder’s fight against another new thug, and the other about how Luke Fox has a night off. What follows is packed with some really interesting fan service and narrative threads, which will hopefully make even the most laid-back comic book fans curious to see what’s next. -Jenna Anderson

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Ka-Zar: Lord of the Savage Land

(Picture: Marvel Entertainment)
  • Written by Zac Thompson
  • Art by Germán García and Álvaro López
  • Colors by Matheus Lopes
  • Letters from Joe Caramagna
  • Published by Marvel Comics

One of the most wonderful things about Marvel Comics history is that seemingly any character is just one problem away from greatness. Ka-Zar, on his face, is a character best left to the previous century, but the 5-issue miniseries Ka-Zar: Lord of the Savage Land has found a new take that makes him one of Marvel’s most interesting characters today. Writer Zac Thompson confronted the colonialist strains embedded in Ka-Zar’s origin and explored a compelling story about confronting its past and improving the future. Not to mention making Ka-Zar one of the few superheroes to ever seriously address the ethical treatment of animals. Its setting was bursting with life with colorful landscapes and amazing creatures by Germán García and the art team. Lord of the Savage Land brought both big ideas and epic visuals to this idiosyncratic corner of the Marvel Universe and made Ka-Zar feel like he had always been one of the greats. If you missed this one-issue story, be sure to pick up the entire saga tomorrow. — Chase Magnett

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Marauders #1

(Picture: Marvel Entertainment)
  • Written by Steve Orlando
  • Art by Eleonora Carlini
  • Colors by Matt Milla
  • Letters from Cory Petit
  • Published by Marvel Comics

The Marauders return in a new series from writer Steve Orlando and artist Eleonora Carlini. Readers already have a taste of what will come out of this news Marauders run through the Marauders Annual, which saw the old Marauders crew pass the torch to the new Marauders crew with Kate Pryde still in the lead. Based on this first trip, we can’t wait to see where this creative team takes this ragtag mutant crew next. –Jamie Lovett

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She-Hulk #3

(Picture: Marvel Entertainment)
  • Written by Rainbow Rowell
  • Art by Roge Antonio and Luca Maresca
  • Colors by Rico Renzi
  • Lettering by Joe Caramagna
  • Published by Marvel Comics

The solicitation for this week She-Hulk bills itself as “the funniest, sexiest book on the stands,” and that banner couldn’t be more accurate. This issue dives deeper into Jack of Heart’s surprise return and how it might tie into a decades-long mystery surrounding She-Hulk. Rainbow Rowell’s tale was an absolute delight to behold, especially when paired with the infinitely excellent art of Roge Antonio and Luca Maresca. If you haven’t already, you will be absolutely charmed by this series of She-Hulk. -Jenna Anderson

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Suicide Squad: Bad Blood

(Picture: DC Entertainment)
  • Written by Tom Taylor
  • Illustrations by Bruno Redondo, Daniel Sampere and Juan Albarran
  • Colors by Adriano Lucas
  • Letters from Wes Abbott
  • Published by DC Comics

Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo are garnering well-deserved rave reviews for their current series on Nightwing, but they’ve made a name for themselves as a dynamic superhero duo in the pages of suicide squad in an 11-issue dynamite series available tomorrow for absolute steal. If you missed Bad blood when first released, the story introduced a set of new characters to Amanda Waller’s high-grossing team and invested heavily in the new cast. Although accompanied by familiar faces like Deadshot and Harley Quinn, the series made sure to highlight these young freedom fighters and strongly invested readers in their lives and goals, whether they survived or no until the last page. This is an example of what a suicide squad The series is designed to do its best – to make minor characters count. Filled with explosive action and a massive amount of heart, Suicide Squad: Bad Blood remains one of the few must-read modern Squad stories, so be sure to check it out. — Chase Magnett

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Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #2

(Picture: DC Entertainment)
  • Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
  • Art by Gene Ha
  • Colors by Wesley Wong
  • Letters from Clayton Cowles
  • Published by DC Comics

As a huge Wonder Woman fan, I loved it History of Wonder Woman: The Amazons #1 so it’s no surprise that the book I’m most excited about this week is History of Wonder Woman: The Amazons #2. Following Hippolyta’s story before she became queen and watching her blossom is both engaging and absolutely fascinating and although I can only say that if you’re a Wonder Woman fan this has to be on your list this week, I think it’s essential literature, period. –Nicole Drum

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Red X-Men #1

(Picture: Marvel Entertainment)
  • Written by Al Ewing
  • Illustrated by Stefano Caselli
  • Colors by Federico Blee
  • Letters from Ariana Maher
  • Published by Marvel Comics

Mars now belongs to the mutants. Ever since a handful of omega-level mutants terraformed the Red Planet in minutes, turning Mars into the planet Arakko, capital of the solar system, Storm has been tasked with leading the Arakki mutants and acting as a diplomat to the stars. Red X-Men promises to put the regent to the test and further explore the arakki culture. Oh, and also, Agent Brand, the head of SWORD, works with Orchis in secret. Which is to say, there’s a lot going on, and anyone following Krakoa should be careful. –Jamie Lovett


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