X-Terminators Is Marvel’s New X-Men Series Comes With A “Parental Warning”


Wolverine, Jubilee, Dazzler, and Boom-Boom Star in New X-Men Series Titled X Terminatorswhich received the “Parental Advisory” label from Marvel Comics. X Terminators is a five-issue limited series from writer Leah Williams (X factor, Magneto Test) and the artist Carlos Gómez (Amazing Spider-Man Beyond) which takes the four X-Men on a chaotic ride through a dark corner of Marvel’s underworld. Marvel says the series is influenced by grindhouse movies and will provide fans with plenty of blood, sweat, and sweet revenge. The Wolverine co-starring Jubilee, Dazzler, and Boom-Boom is Laura Kinney, the Wolverine of Krakoa’s official X-Men team and clone of Logan.

“I’m thrilled at how joyously transgressive this book is — it’s sexy, silly, and chaotic,” Williams said. “One of my favorite moments in the making of this book was Jordan [D. White] asking, ‘What do you think… Parental Advisory for this book? Or just T+?… I’m leaning PA.'”

“I look forward to working X Terminators with Leah!” Gómez added. “She’s an amazing writer who always delivers fun and engaging stories and this title is no exception! Did I mention it’s action packed? Also, X-Men has been one of my favorite shows and it’s always cool to be back in the X-Family!”

(Picture: Marvel Comics)

This is not the first collaboration between Leah Williams and Carlos Gómez. The duo previously worked on the Amazing Mary Janea spin-off from amazing spider man. Williams and Current Immortal X-Men artist Lucas Werneck also directed the X-Men: The Trial of Magneto miniseries. With Wolverine appearing in X-Men, Jubilee was a member of Excaliburand Boom-Boom appears in New Mutants. Dazzler is the only X-Terminator not to co-star in another x-men series.

Are you excited to check out Marvel’s “Parental Advisory” X Terminators? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! The solicitation can be found below.





On sale 7/6

In typical X-Men fashion, what starts out as a wild party gets even crazier when Jubilee, Boom-Boom and Dazzler are kidnapped and placed in elaborate deadly traps by a mysterious new army of enemies! What are three fierce mutants with the power to blow things up? Expect a hardcore, neon-fueled, moody, and dirty adventure like never before in X-Men history with all the light explosions, fireworks, time bombs, and brawls you could hope for !

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