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Ricky Church reviews Transformers: Beast Wars # 11…

After Beast Wars # 10 promised great conflict as Optimus Primal and his Maximals set out to fight directly against the Predacons, writer Erik Burnham continues with an action show as the battle between the two factions escalates throughout the issue . Beast Wars # 11 is another great part of the series that balances action with good character development while raising the stakes with two likely deaths for the Maximals and Predacons.

Burnham is wasting no time getting into action at all as the issue picks up almost immediately where the previous one left off and pairing up Maximals and Predacons in their own personal matches, many of which are grudge matches. There are Cheetor vs Blackarachnia, Nyx vs Tarentulas and Dinobot vs Megatron which serve as rewards for each character’s initial encounter there are several issues. Megatron’s surprise to see Dinobot alive after the ancient Predacon suffered near-fatal injuries in the story’s first arc. It was a reminder that none of the factions have really met in combat since then, so this new conflict stands out more now that relationships and blood feuds have been established more.

The story is rather well paced. Everyone is pretty balanced as Burnham easily switches between characters, giving them the same amount of time to shine and upping the ante with every “cliffhanger” of their battles. Rhinox and Scorponok are pretty much the only two that don’t have a significant moment on their own and while there is plenty of action, Burnham doesn’t miss character moments or plot progression. From Rattrap discovering the Golden Disc to Megatron and Dinobot sharing information about each other. However, the most significant moments of the problem came from Terrorsaur when he killed the new Maximal Razorbeast and then was killed by Skold. It was a good time for Skold as she was terrorized – no pun intended – by Terrorsaur’s constant bullying since the first issue and she’s had enough not because of his bullying, but because he has. murdered one of the only robots who ever treated her friendly despite being on the opposite side. Whether Razorbeast is actually dead remains to be seen since his death was not posted on the page, but it will be interesting to know where that takes Skold next as the battle rages on.


Josh Burchman once again does a fantastic job with his works. The fight scenes are well choreographed and its animated visuals bring a lot of fun energy to the problem. Its scene transitions are smooth and the panel-to-panel action is easy to follow and quite creative, especially in one instance during Megatron and Dinobot’s fight. Its colors are vibrant with the setting sun serving as a very beautiful backdrop for the battle, which is consistent with the colors and positioning of each panel. It’s definitely a beautiful Burcham number.

Transformers: Beast Wars # 11 Certainly increases the stakes as each faction loses one of their own in a merciless fight. Burnham’s script is crisp and focused as it balances the action with plenty of satisfying character moments while Burchan’s artwork is detailed from start to finish. With just how unafraid Burnham is to kill characters already – whether that’s permanent or some sort of twist – Beast wars fans should be very happy with the way the story continues to play out.

Rating: 8/10

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