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Kiambu County, Ruiru Town, Kenya, March 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ‘Protector of the Gods’ is an upcoming feature film trilogy featuring an Afro-futuristic portrayal of three of the most iconic queens of Egypt. Each series focuses on a different monarch, the first on Hatshepsut, the second on Nefertiti, and the third on Cleopatra. The creation of this feature film is led by Kameko Tarnez, an artistic genius who has worked with global icons such as Michael Jackson, Erykah Badu, Grace Jones and other notables.

The first part of the “Protector of the Gods” trilogy is a $30 million project directed by Kameko and backed by his group of global billionaire investors. Together, Kameko and her billionaire partners brought Archrok Entertainment to life; a full-fledged film production house, artist management and boutique recording label. “Protector of the Gods” has previously been called by GQ and Glamor magazine “Hollywood’s first all-black Egyptian film.” Sharing his passion, the director has teamed up with some of the creators behind a host of blockbuster films, such as Black Panther, Interstellar, The Matrix Resurrection, Maleficent, Justice League, and more.

Despite production delays caused by COVID-19, Kameko and his team have resumed production in Africa, excluding some of its cast, due to current Covid restrictions. Kameko says, “My team and I are really looking forward to finishing the first part of this movie and sharing it with the world! However, everyone’s health and safety is most important. To stay inspired, I often remind myself that even though the production was delayed, we are definitely not defeated! While the world was closed, the Archrok team continued to work. Due to the demand for this story, they used this time to produce the comic accompanying the film and a 3D animation series. The comic will debut exclusively in Egypt and Dubai this summer and will be released in the fall of 2022 in the United States. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kameko and his Archrok team!

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