Renowned author Tory Envy publishes bilingual children’s book “I am a big sister – Kuv Yog Ib Tug Niam Laus”



This book is a bilingual English / Hmong children’s book about a little girl who turns into a big sister when her new brother arrives home.

Saint Paul, Minnesota, US – Tory Envy is delighted to announce the launch of her first children’s book titled “I Am A Big Sister – Kuv Yog Ib Tug Niam Laus”. This book is a bilingual English / Hmong children’s book about a little girl who turns into a big sister when her new brother arrives home. She learns to share and take care of the baby. She also learns how fun and empowering it can be to have a new family member.

Dedicating this masterpiece to her readers, Envy said, “I am delighted to launch my first bilingual children’s book. This book is also special to me because we don’t see a lot of Hmong children’s books. I hope my efforts will create a trend and inspire others to create more Hmong related literature especially for children.

Tory Envy is a Hmong-American author, singer and musician of children’s books. Envy started writing children’s books after becoming a mother. She has a toddler and infant where she finds her best book ideas. Being Hmong and through her books, she wants to keep Hmong literacy alive.

Prior to writing children’s books, Envy released their single “Hlub Dhau Mus Lawm” in 2015, receiving over half a million views on YouTube. Her solo EP, “Story Cloth” followed in 2016. Envy was the lead singer of the pop-rock group, Venus on Fire, from 2009 to 2014, where she released 3 EPs and the single “WAR” on Lab Records in 2013 .

The reason this book is important is that there aren’t many Hmong children’s books. The Hmong are a small group of East Asian descent. The Hmong did not have a written language originally. The written language was developed in Laos between 1951 and 1953 by Hmong missionaries and advisers.

“I think it is important to continue teaching this written language because the Hmong are such a small minority group and its culture, language and writing could quickly disappear if we do not try to preserve it,” says Envy. .

The book tells the story of a little girl who becomes a big sister and develops a relationship with her new little brother. He shares an interesting perspective on how siblings mingle with each other, which will keep readers enthralled until the end. The haunting saga is a reflection of the author’s natural insight, abundant wisdom and creativity. The author injected his experience of “interactions between children” while writing and organizing this beautiful piece.

Here’s a review of a reader’s book:

“I love the simplicity of the language in this Hmong baby book. It is easy to follow and easy for young children to sit down and listen. It is also simple enough that my grandchildren can also say the Hmong words. Good work!”

With his debut book promising to keep readers engaged until the last page, Envy has tried to make his contribution to Hmong literature. The book shares unique and stimulating ideas about Hmong culture. Hmong history and culture have mainly existed in the form of oral histories, oral poetry, and music. A written account of Hmong life by a Hmong hand is hard to find. In this context, Envy’s work becomes quite significant.

Book lovers and especially those who wish to discover different cultures will be truly enlightened by this book and will love to integrate it into their library.

The book is available for online purchase.

About the Author

A dynamic and versatile personality, Envy of the conservatives likes to do multiple things and is brilliant at handling them all with such wizarding finesse. She is an accomplished singer, musician, entrepreneur, author, writer and storyteller, and a positive influencer.

“I am a big sister – Kuv Yog Ib Tug Niam Laus” is available for buy online on amazon.



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